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Ting og tang boks (Bits & Bobs Tin)

Ting og tang boks (Bits & Bobs Tin)

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Ting og tang boks (Bits & Bobs Tin)

This very stylish little storage tin is perfectly sized to hold all your gardening sundries. Pencils, labels, snips… there’s plenty of room inside to keep all those gardening essentials, safe, tidy and ready when you need them.

The neat design of this tin makes it way more stylish than most common-or-garden storage tins. Its elegant curves and on-trend typography means there’s no doubt that this belongs to a very stylish gardener!

It’s created in beautifully moulded steel for a flawless, seam-free finish, with a tough powder coating that will keep the gorgeous colour clear and bright for years. A strong metal clasp holds the hinged lid securely shut, so you needn’t worry about it accidentally opening as you carry it around the garden.

This storage tin is from the Garden Supplies collection of beautiful, stylish and practical gifts, sundries and storage solutions for gardeners

Choose Stone colour (GEN/BOBSTONE), Atlantic Blue (GEN/BOBATLANTIC) or Gooseberry Green (GEN/BOBGOO).

Powder coated steel with metal clasp.
Width 21cm, Depth 9cm, Height 5cm.
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