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Ugress trekker (Weed puller)

Ugress trekker (Weed puller)

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Ugress trekker (Weed puller)

Tackle weeds without even getting your hands dirty, with the Wonder Weed Puller, a simply brilliant idea for easy weeding in lawns. It makes short work of weeds, and is a must-have weed pulling tool for every lawn owner.

Designed to be used standing up to eliminate backache and stooping, it couldn’t be easier to use the Wonder Weed Puller. Simply insert the three rust-resistant stainless steel prongs into the ground to surround the weed root, rotate through 360 degrees, and pull to remove the weed - with root intact.

Then comes the best bit; press the ejector button on the handle to jettison the weed into barrow, trug or bin. It’s addictively satisfying!

Extremely lightweight thanks to its aluminium shaft and robust polypropylene handle, the Wonder Weed Puller is delightfully easy to carry round the garden.

Overall height 110cm, handle width 12cm

Aluminium shaft

Stainless steel weed extraction prongs

Weight: 436g

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